Mission and Vision


We, Amata Interfrieght, a very well known freight forwarding company with comprehensive transportation services, strive to become a one-stop service freight forwarding company for our valued customers. Our customers will be able to complete their import-export logistical processes with ONLY one call.

Keys To Success

 As a One-Stop Service Provider, Amata Interfreight is attractive to customers of all sizes. We attend to the needs of all customers and have a variety of services. On top of that, we stay close to our customers and are alwaysup to answer any questions and support them in their import-export activities.

As promises

Taking care of every customer is our prime strategy at Amata Interfreight. Even if a customer has zero experience with import-export activities, they can rest assured that our team will guide them through the processes with correct, updated and comprehensive information. We are keenly aware that apart from comprehensive services, expert advice and information about documentation and procedures are equally important, and as a service provider we can fulfill all these roles without a hitch.