Company Profile


Amata Interfreight is a very well-known freight forwarding company with comprehensive transportation services in Thailand. Amata Interfrieght was founded and established when professionals and experts of shipping team in different filelds with over 20 years of experience came together to combine their strengths. Our aim is to deliver services that perfectly answer customers’ needs in order provide extra special care for each individual customer.

To assist your business, we would like to offer you our specialization in International Transport, Both Sea and Air freight, Bulk Shipping, Logistics Management, Courier, Warehousing, Custom Services, Land Transportation and other worldwide logistical services, thus, guaranteeing services that are different from others but are precisely in-line with the needs of customers.

We are able to provide effective services and respond to the needs of customers based on their high-quality staffs and ongoing development. Our staffs are always being pushed to the next level, ensuring that they understand all services in-depth, and always offer the best solutions for customers.


Aim to goal

Our aim is to provide effective services and precisely respond to the needs of customers. We share this goal with our staffs and have adopted the concept of a ‘Learning Organization’ into our company; building up the knowledge base in Transport Management and Logistics Services to our staffs.

We are proud and confident that our customers will be satisfied with precise advice and service our staffs are able to offer.